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Oct 11

We are a little homegrown cattery with high pedigree TICA Registered Siberian Kittens for Sale. We raise and sell hypoallergenic Siberian cat kittens For Sale with extreme attention to detail and empathy. We are a TICA-guaranteed cattery, clinging to a severe set of rules and standards.

Our felines and business are pleased and enlisted individuals from TICA and MFA. Our felines are in top well-being; they are completely immunized, ringworm, Leukemia, and FIV free (test results will be given upon demand). Our felines likewise go through ordinary veterinary arrangements, are given a solid crude eating routine, and are animated through normal exercise.

Little cats COME WITH :

-Veterinary Health authentication

-Immunizations on schedule


-Highly socialized



Our cattery is labeled FeLV and FIV negative. Our Adults are evaluated for HCM by a Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologist.

We give our little cats Heska UltraNasal antibodies, and if important, for leukemia and rabies immunization, we utilize a recumbent antibody, Merial PureVax Recombinant Leukemia antibody, and PureVax Feline Rabies, as there is no adjuvant (which can cause malignant growth in felines).

Little cats eat strong food by a young age. They gain passionate security remaining with their mother until a more established age. Studies have additionally shown little cats weaned and eliminated from their mom at an early age have more medical problems and a more limited life expectancy.

Our little cats and felines are destined to be sound and liberated from illness and parasites when they leave our home.

Our Siberian Cats and Kittens are to be INSIDE felines, as it were. We have a NO DECLAW strategy for every one of our felines and little cats. Declawing is very excruciating. It includes eliminating bones from their feet, and recuperating requires a little while to months. By and large, a feline's feet will stay sore forever. Felines need their paws for day-by-day preparation and for the legitimate exercise of muscles by extending and scratching.

Hooks help a feline leap and hold its equilibrium. Managing a cat's paws is straightforward. We trim the children's paws constantly, and they before long figure out how to acknowledge this strategy as normal. They have grown up with different scratching posts and climbing toys and have been instructed to utilize them rather than our furnishings. You should show them what you expect in your home. These felines are brilliant and need to satisfy their proprietors.


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