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Mackler Associates St. Louis

Oct 11

St. Louis, MO—Mackler Associates St. Louis Tutoring has provided test preparation programs for the SAT/ACT in these difficult times. They offer both in-person and virtual options. Their programs will continue to be offered in both formats moving forward.


Mackler Associates is a well-known tutoring company in St. Louis specializing in college prep. The firm employs a staff of highly-trained and experienced educators to ensure your success. They specialize in helping students prepare for the SAT and ACT exams. Students can even chat with a representative from the company through the website. Mackler additionally serves the boroughs of Chesterfield and St. Charles SAT/ACT preparation.


Many online SAT/ACT prep classes are not tailored to your specific needs. Most online SAT/ACT prep courses are made for general study, which means everyone in the class will be studying the same concepts and skills at the same pace. This can make it challenging to receive personalized help. Mackler’s ACT/SAT prep is personalized and will help you or your child excel in areas that were previously troublesome.


If you want to prep for the SAT or ACT, you can take practice tests. There are English, math, reading, and science practice tests. These tests come with time limits and detailed explanations. Review cards are also available that help you quickly review the concepts and complete the test. There are also apps for both tests.


These apps help you get a feel for the SAT and ACT tests. They can also help you practice for the reading comprehension portion. Having a habit of reading every day can help you improve your vocabulary, improve your understanding of the English language, and improve your performance on the written portion of the ACT and SAT tests. You should also practice basic math, such as arithmetic, algebra, and fractions.


Mackler Associates ACT/SAT Prep St. Louis encourages juniors to start planning for test preparation. Many of you might be unprepared and may not have taken a practice exam at school. It is best to get started with test preparation sooner than later.


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